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Want to Join the FUN?

Here Are Some Ways You Can Help!

Join the Team

Want to have a awesome job that is outside, works in agriculture, helps people and the environment and changes the world?  We are looking for a Farm Manager to start in April and two farm hands to start in July.  

Donate Gifts in Kind

We are always in need of building/farming goods here at Growing Hope Farm!  Anything you think a farm/business/office would need, we are probably looking for it!  

We need items such as fencing, chicken and goat feed, straw, mulch, posts, printers and laptops to name a few!


It's so fun to give back at Growing Hope Farm!  We need help weeding, putting up fences, selling produce at market, making connections in the community and everything in between!  We require at least a 6 month commitment.

Come and be part of the framily!  (friends that are like family are our framily!)


Sometimes we just need an extra $200 to get another fence up, to hire another person out of jail or to buy a sign for at the Farmer's Market.  We can't give tax receipts but know that all our profits go to MCC Canada!

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to our current Partners!

Do you want to help too?

We would love to have you join us in helping our local and international communities!   

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