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Know that your meat is ethically rasied, helps put carbon INTO the soil rather then emit carbon (because it is grass fed), given volunteer opportunities to marginalised people groups in our community, helps farmers in countries overseas, is only fed organic grain (except the beef is given no grain) and is moved to fresh grass daily.


The family size subscription is 25lbs of meat/month.  It is $197.60/month which totals $592.80 for the three month subscription.  The benefits of ordering the subscription are:

1.  You receive first pick of the meat we have offered at the farm.

2.  When you come to pick up at the farm you and three others can visit the farm for free (value of $104 if you come once every two weeks)

3.  You only need to think about purchasing meat once every three months

4.  You are supporting our not for profit farm and allowing us to help our community locally and overseas easier by having regular cash flow


Each month you will recieve:

1.  12lbs of chicken (2 whole chicken cut into peices)

2.  2lbs of bacon or ham

3.  4lbs of ground beef

4.  3lbs of sausages (plain, Italian or honey garlic)

5.  4lbs of stewing beef


You can pick up your box every month or every other week.  Whatever suits you best.  Pick up days are during our open hours on Friday and Saturday only.  If you miss your pick up then you will need to wait until the following open day.  We can deliver directly to your door for $35.


We accept etransfer, cash, cheque at the farm.  E-transfer to


To register for this box fill in this form:


Family Size Meat Subscription


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