This is our assorted bone-in goat meat cuts.  This meat is from our older goats (6-9 months old) and will have a stronger taste then the capretto.  All our goat are frozen immediatly in vacuumed sealed packaging.  If you would like fresh then we require you to order a whole goat (approx 30lbs of meat).  Please contact us directly at for a whole fresh goat.  


All our goats are rasied organically and are grass fed.  They are on a rotating pasture so they have minimal exposure to parasites.  The omega 3's from the grass are then eaten by the goats and are in the meat.


$13.99 is the amount for one pound.  Please add to your cart how many pounds you would like.  For example if you would like 5 pounds, add 5 units of goat to your cart.  

Grass Fed Organic Goat Meat Bone-In