Our capretto (cabrito or suckling kid goat) is all grown here on our farm and taken care of by my family or one of our many helpers.  Capretto is the lamb/veal for goat meat.  The goats have a very happy and healthy life.  Goat meat is a much healthier alternative to many other red meats.  It is most popular in Italian, Greek and Spanish recipes.


All our goats are organic and raised on pasture so they eat mostly grass which makes the meat much healthier!  


Our capretto is sold for $18/lb and we only sell it by the whole goat.  A whole kid goat is between 14-16lbs of meat.  A kid goat will therefore be between $250-$325 dollars depending on the total weight.  


Please remember that we cannot allow anyone to butcher the goats on our property for legal and health and safety reasons.  No exceptions. 


Don't forget all the proceeds go towards the food security program at Mennonite Central Committee. AND you are supporting a farm that gives employment opportunities to marginalized people in our community in the KW region! You eat delicous, you help someone train for a job AND you help someone else eat!  Win Win Win!

Organic Grass Fed Cabrito/Capretto/Goat Kid Meat

  • All our goats are raised on pasture making them healthier and more sustainably farmed.  For more info we developed a website just for our cabretto.  Check out www.pasturecapretto.com for more info!  You can also order from this website as well.