All of our pork is rotationally grazed outside so they are eating their certified organic grain, grass, bugs, roots and tree nuts.  Eating pasture raised (true pasture raised, not just outside in a mud pit!) means that the porks fat is much healthier!  The pork is more environmentally friendly as the pig is not eating as much grain.  


Our pork is...


  • Never given artificial hormones, antibiotics, or other growth-promoting drugs.
  • Fed with organically grown, 100% plant and vegetable based feeds, including certified organic non-GMO grains.
  • Processed by hand at a regulated, government inspected and family-owned local butcher shop.
  • Packaged and labelled in recyclable butcher paper.
  • Flash-frozen at its peak of freshness, so you can have a nice selection of cuts in your freezer to use at any time.


Place a deposit below to secure your order, and the balance will be due on pickup.


You can choose a whole, half or quarter hog — they are priced at $6.78 per pound, dressed weight, for a quarter hog. 


  • Quarter hog estimated dressed weight: 55 lbs. 
  • Half hog estimated dressed weight: 110 lbs.  .
  • Whole hog estimated dressed weight: 220 lbs.  


Dressed weight means the weight of the entire side when it is initially hung — before dry-aging and butchering.  This is the industry-standard method of pricing sides of meat.

The total weight of your pork cuts will be approximately 65% of the dressed weight, after butchering into individual cuts and removal of unnecessary bone and fat.


That means your final organic pasture raised pork cuts work out to an average of $10.43/lb.


Although each order differs a little in overall weight, the average quarter hog gives you between 35 and 40 pounds of pork.  Here’s how a typical quarter hog breaks down into finished cuts:


  • One .75-lb pork tenderloin
  • Two 3.5-lb old-fashioned hams (uncooked —  read our ham cooking tips here)…
  • 5 pounds of smoked bacon in 1-pound packets…
  • 1-lb packet of spare ribs
  • 6 pounds of sausages
  • 4 pounds of pork chops
  • Two 1-lb packets of ground pork
  • one ham steak, approx. 1.5 lbs…
  • one shoulder roast, approx. 3.5 lbs…
  • one butt roast, approx. 3.5 lbs…


A half hog will give you double these amounts.  A whole hog will be four times this much pork.  You can also ask for custom cuts when you order a whole or half hog.  To learn more about different cuts that are availble with pork check out this video!


One quarter hog fills about 1/4 of an average fridge freezer, or 1/8 of an 8 cubic-foot chest freezer.


You can pay by cash, cheque or etransfer.  You can send the etransfer to


Thank you for supporting our farm!

Whole/Half/Quarter Pig