This chicken has grown up on our farm and was free range.  It was given organic food, grass, bugs and our kitchen scrapes to eat.  Our chickens are on grass once they turn three weeks old.  They are outside in a shelter all day and can live the life a chicken was meant to live. 


For a pre-cut chicken, it is $6.50/lb. Each chicken will be approx. 4-6lbs.  This means each chicken will be between $24-36.  We will contact you once you have ordered with the final price as each chicken has a different weight. 


Don't forget all the proceeds go towards the food security program at Mennonite Central Committee. AND you are supporting a farm that gives employment opportunities to marginalized people in our community in the KW region! You eat delicous, you help someone train for a job AND you help someone else eat!  Win Win Win!

Grass Fed Organic Chicken (uncut)

  • In the rare case you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will offer a full refund within three days of your original purchase.